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Black Evil Eye Bracelet



Let’s get that Positive Vibe Flowing

An evil eye in black also represents strength, power, and prosperity.

Wear on your Left Wrist , the receiving side of the body and Soul, sealing protective energy and stopping negative influences.

Adjustable Nylon Thread
Handmade evil eye bracelet with 1 large glass evil eye bead.The bracelet has beautiful beads
Strung on stretch cord.Great for stacking a few!

Evil Eye jewelry dates as far back as 3000 BC. Many ancient cultures wore amulets or jewelry with the evil eye symbol to protect them. Today the evil eye brings good luck and good vibes.

Adult size fits from 5 inches to 9 inches
A simple and minimal bracelet for everyday use.

Nylon cord
Glass evil eye

Size: Stretch Nylon Cord


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